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◉ 2019 Asia Illustration Fair:Open Call Countdown 27 Days! An Illustrator a day:Keith Haring 2019 亞洲插畫藝術節 徵件倒數27天! 一天一插畫家介紹:Keith Haring

Born on May 4, 1985 in Pennsylvania, Keith Haring is best known for his contributions to the New York City art scene in the 1980s. He started painting at his early ages. After he had his first personal exhibition, he started to perform his artwork on street, subways and old dance club. His graffiti-inspired artwork depicted simplified people, dogs, babies, hearts, and flying saucers. He often painted bold lines and bright colors to convey feelings of movement and radiance.
出生在賓州的美國藝術家Keith Haring,他在非常年幼時就開始創作,在他19歲時第一次舉辦個展後就進入了他的創作巔峰時期,無論在街頭、地鐵還有舊舞廳都能夠看到他的作品。他畫作中描繪著各種人、狗、嬰兒和飛碟等,粗線條和鮮豔的顏色也展現了畫作中的動態感和光的效果。

◉ 2019 亚洲插画艺术节 征件倒数29天!一天一插画家介绍:Nite

来自台南的插画家Ching Hua Wang,以Nite名义在2017年发行了她第一本Zine「True Love」收录了她在那些无人知晓的清晨所做的创作,衬着月色陪伴,以柔美的线条记录着如分镜般回放的记忆。