2019.08.30 (Fri.) – 09. 01 (Sun.) 10:00 – 18:00
2019. 08. 29 Preview

Powerlong Museum No.4, No.5 Exhibition Room, Shanghai City

◉ Registration qualification
Illustration creator, Nationality, creative categories, styles are not limited.

◉ Registration method
Online Apply, Deadline from today until 24:00 Jun. 30th,2019

1. Curatorial subject area: ” Forest, Universe and Rabbit Hole “
2. Not participate in the subject area

Download the registration form PPT LINK1 or LINK2, PDF LINK1 or LINK2 and email the application PPT & PDF to 2019aifaif@gmail.com, 2019aif@artogather.com (After receiving the application, we will reply to confirm that the information is correct. Please pay attention to the email)

◉ Exhibition type and fee (4 days)

Type A |
Size : not bigger than 50cm x 50cm, First work fee : RMB 800, after the first work each one fee : RMB 100

Type B |
Size : not bigger than 100cm x 100cm, First work fee : RMB 1,200, after the first work each one fee : RMB 200

Type C |
Size : not bigger than 150cm x 150cm, First work fee : RMB 1,500, after the first work each one fee : RMB 300

Type D |
Size : not bigger than 200cm x 200cm, First work fee : RMB 1,800, after the first work each one fee : RMB 400

( The above fees are only for the works exhibition, not including other fees such as round-trip shipping cost for works, etc.)

Type E Market Vendor |
Market Vendor (with a Table and a chair) Size : 100cm x 60cm, fee : RMB 2,000. To participate in the market stall area needs at least one work of the above A, B, C, D type participating in the registration.

◉ Lists announcement
The list of candidates will be announced on July 5th, 2019.
The list will be posted on the official website of Asia Illustration Fair, FACEBOOK Fan Page. The organizer will send a “selection notice” to the individual. Please be sure to confirm the confirmation by E-mail and pay the registration fee within the specified time limit in order to retain the quota.

◉ Works receiving & transportation

After the application is confirmed, the art work must be shiped to the Shanghai office or the other offices in Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Korea) within the specified time. The organizer will be responsible for the install the exhibition. The works will be returned after the exhibition. The delivery costs will be paid by the exhibitors.

Shanghai Office
The works must be sent to arrive in Shanghai before Aug. 10th, 2019

The other offices in Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea)
Exhibitors must ship their works to other Asian offices before July 31th, 2019 and are responsible for the round-trip cost of shipping to Shanghai office.