Decue Wu

2014年取得美国马里兰艺术学院(MICA)插画硕士学位,现在旧金山Airbnb总部担任插画设计师。作品曾入选American Illustration(AI-AP)年鉴,美国Society of Illustrator of Los Angeles插画协会,加拿大Applied Arts插画大赛,美国3×3插画大赛,美国Creative Quarterly大赛以及Adobe Design Awards入选等。合作客户包括路易威登,Armani Exchange,索尼音乐,奥迪,《纽约时报》,《波⼠顿全球⽇报》,《华尔街日报》,《时代周刊》,《Vogue》,《ELLE》《时尚男⼠L’Officiel Hommes 》,《时尚先⽣Esquire》以及中国的腾讯,新浪微博,《周末画报》等。作品曾在全世界多个国家展览,多次刊登于国内外杂志及平台,如Dolce&Gabbana的线上杂志《Swide》,Asian Couture Federation,Style.com等。

Decue Wu was born in Shenzhen, China. She has earned an Illustration Practice M.F.A. degree from MaryIand Institute College of Art in 2014. Decue has more than 8-year freelance experience – her work focuses on fashion and life style illustration, editorial illustration, info-graphics, advertising, and other graphic arts. Her work has been featured in several brands and publications including Louis Vuitton, Armani Exchange, Airbnb, The New York Times, Time Magazine, Vogue etc, and has been exhibited around the world.













ZUO DESIGN一作设计 联合创始人/美术总监

Illustration artist Member of Shenzhen illustrators association Member of Nanjing Graphic Designers Association Signed illustrator in vision china Co-founder/art director of ZUO DESIGN 1




毕业于复旦大学上海视觉艺术学院,先后工作于动画公司 和互联网公司。不管从事什么职业,画画对我来说都会是 永远坚持做的事。 

Graduated From Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, Fudan University. Currently work for a social media company, love illustration forever. 





zmei 杨之美

杨之美,现居台湾彰化,目前为设计公司专案经理兼自由插画 创作者,毕业于英国伦敦艺术大学-插画硕士。于 2018入选台北艺术插画节,并获得小路映画赏。 

画面感独特,擅长叙事性插画,在画面中能看到情节与故事的 流动,商业合作多见于文章以及刊物插画, 拥有自 己的品牌 商品以及个人独立小书的创作。喜欢使用复合媒材,尤其喜 欢铅笔上的碳刷在纸上的触感。最期待合作 的项目是书籍 以及CD封面绘制。 

Chih-Mei, Yang is an illustrator based in Taiwan. I graduated from University of Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts, MA Illustration. I focus on narrative illustration and mostly using mix media like pencil, carbon, water color, acrylic……to make combination. My paintings usually have jig-saw feeling style and strong visual language of storytelling. So far, my works are more surrounding social issues and personal philosophy, and mostly being presented by stories. I really like dark humor and a little sarcasm with the way of metaphor. I really like Ukiyo-e and also really being fascinated by those old painting in ancient times of India and Dunhuang murals, and quiet interested in the way of presenting different story plots and elements in one big painting. Sometimes my works will purposely have some fragile composition feeling. 



Mohammad Taufiq (Emte)

Mohammad Taufiq,或者更为人所知的Emte,在他的日常生活中担任插画家,平面设计师,以及积极参与各种媒体探索的艺术家。制作了许多书籍,杂志和其他印刷媒体的封面插图和布局。积极参与各种商业和艺术项目,无论是集体还是个人。2016年还在雅加达的儿童友好综合公共空间壁画节上工作。2018年,他的最新作品是通过提升香料贸易路线的历史,在渡轮Portlink 0 Java-Sumatera渡口的壁画项目,也参与了在日本大坂举行的Unknown Asia Art Exchange展览。2019年1月刚刚参加了在悉尼 – 澳大利亚与11位印度尼西亚艺术家的集体展览,然后在3月份,他在印度尼西亚馆为伦敦奥林匹亚伦敦书展做了一场以印尼水下美景为主题的现场绘画,并参加了保加利亚索非亚的“东方节奏”艺术展。2018年11月刚刚推出了Gugug!没有对话的漫画,通过探索城市地区的城市生活来讲述狗的冒险故事。

Mohammad Taufiq, or better known as Emte, in his daily life works as an illustrator, graphic designer, as well as an artist who actively works with various medium explorations. Has made cover illustrations and layouts of many books, magazines and other print media. Actively involved in various commercial and artistic projects, both collectively and personally. In 2016 also worked in the Child Friendly Integrated Public Space Mural Festival in Jakarta. In 2018 his latest work was a mural project on the ferry Portlink 0 Java-Sumatera crossing by lifting the history of the spice trade route, also involved in the Unknown Asia Art Exchange exhibition in Osaka, Japan. In January 2019 just got involved in a collective exhibition with 11 Indonesian artists in Sydney-Australia, then in March he did a live drawing with the theme of Indonesia’s underwater beauty at the Indonesian Pavilion for the London Book Fair in Olympia, London and participated in ‘Eastern Rhythms’ art exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria. In November 2018 just launched Gugug! a comic without dialogue that tells the story of the adventures of a dog by exploring urban life in urban areas.




Mohammad Taufiq




◉ 2019 AIF亚洲插画艺术节 – 森林, 宇宙, 兔子洞

公众展期|2019年8月30日(五) – 9月1日(日)
展览时间|10:00 – 21:00


DATES | 2019.08.30 (Fri) – 09.01 (Sun)
MEDIA & VIP | 2019.08.29 (Thu)
HOURS | 10:00 – 21:00
LOCATION | Powerlong Museum, Shanghai City
ORGANIZER | Powerlong Museum, Artogather Culture and Art (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

CURATOR | Andy Yen

WEBSITE | www.asiaillustrationfair.com

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