Qiurui Du

杜秋锐成长于北京,常年居住于纽约。在艺术家庭熏陶下,他有着对于艺术的极⾼的热爱。本科毕业于纽约Parsons School of Design的插画系,现就读于Pratt Institute的MFA Painting and Drawing, 秋锐用自己独特的视⻆去观察生活,并把这种独特的视⻆角带入到他的艺术作品中。秋锐的艺术有着独特的叙事能⼒,在他的艺术作品中,他将他的情感,爱,还有恐惧融⼊入到五彩斑斓的颜色当中。并用他独特的想象力去创造一个属于他的世界。

Qiurui Du is an artist from Beijing, China and is currently based in New York City. Having grown up in an artistic family, his love of art grew tremendously. Queer identity and life experience give Qiurui a unique point of views and inspirations in art. Qiurui believes that art is a way to tell stories and, through his work, he expresses his emotions and ideas with vibrant color and animated images. In his work, he deconstructs his inner fears and loves as well as subjects from pop culture and those inspired by his surroundings and daily experiences within the social framework.




Qiurui Du



Zhu zimo, six years old, from Futian District, Shenzhen, is in the kindergarten. He likes drawing very much. His usual graffiti works have unique ideas, wonderful imagination, and the characteristics of children. After studying drawing for two years, he has won many awards in school. Among them, the work “Little Elephant and Mother” was selected for the Japanese Children’s Print Exhibition, and the other “Mother and Child” was just selected for the first Sino-Canadian exhibition of youth in Guangdong Province.







Dong Dong, from Taiwan. He is a freelancer, children’s book author, a tutor of 32 pages studio. He earned his master degree of Children’s book illustration at the Cambridge school of Art in the UK in 2019. He is good at children’s illustration and picture books creation. He likes to tell stories from the perspective of children. His works are usually featured at bright and saturated colours. He loves nature and usually uses animal figures as main characters. He hopes that he can bring more warm and pleasure to the readers, out of his simple and innocent picture style.`









林祐纬 1986出生在中国台湾台北市,1998年移居上海,2007年在上海交通大学毕业后便开始独立艺术实践,2013年在上海静安寺愚谷邨和几个伙伴成立艺术工作室,持续创作至今。


Yuwei Lin was born in Taipei, Taiwan, in 1986.

After graduating from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2007, he began to practice art independently all around the world. In 2013, he set up an art studio in downtown Shanghai with several partners, and has continued to paint and create art since then.

“Human beings are not the masters of the earth. Everything in the world lives on this planet according to its own laws, and life is like ephemera  in the world. In my creation, I drew a lot of big animals and small creatures, two-headed tigers and three-headed dragons, even the beasts can coexist and co-prosper. In the return journey of Prometheus, who stole fire, I want you to feel a little light and warmth. In the universe, all of the living should help each and give you hope.”




大家好,我叫 Patsam ,你们也可以叫我 patsy。我在泰国当设计师。近来,我刚毕业于工业设计学院朱拉隆功大学。在工作方面,我比较喜欢与情绪有关的内容的工作,尤其是人与人之间的关系以及积极插图。我还希望能够让看我作品的人能感受到我需要表达的意思,然后继续分享它给其他人。

Hello, I’m Patsam or you can call me patsy. I’m a Thai designer, recently graduated in Department of Industrial design Chulalongkorn University. About my works, I like to explore and work on emotional contents especially people’s and some friendlyillustrations and let other people feel and share.


a.piece.of.sam / @patsam






◉ 2019 AIF亚洲插画艺术节

公众展期|2019年8月30日(五) – 9月1日(日)
展览时间|10:00 – 21:00


DATES | 2019.08.30 (Fri) – 09.01 (Sun)
MEDIA & VIP | 2019.08.29 (Thu)
HOURS | 10:00 – 21:00
LOCATION | Powerlong Museum, Shanghai City
ORGANIZER | Powerlong Museum, Artogather Culture and Art (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

CURATOR | Andy Yen

WEBSITE | www.asiaillustrationfair.com

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